City Beneath Lake

from by Dessiderium

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To hold and feel
beyond what’s real
Reject the light, shield out the sun
the sun that kills the dark

Obsessed with all that never was
my deterioration ever grew
Born, and addiction to despair

why can’t I feel ok?

I search my past in desperate hope to find my roots of pain
I realize it every time my, perception is the birth of my hate that I feel for this world and every breathing being
So how can one be happy knowing joy is an illusion of the mind

If joy is born from suffering than pain is all that’s real
I beg to fate to send my way a figure that can heal
But every time I open up I am met with disgust
What I speak is foreign to the one who stares directly through me

I dreamt a thousand ways to end it all
Can never bring myself to fall
Step down, I gaze at the ground
and contemplate what could have been
I’ve always felt this way since yesterday
Of flirting with the unknown place, I’ll meet with open embrace
Until then I’m trapped inside

This life, burning inside
How could I succumb to what destroys me evermore
Dismal thoughts manifest the brain
A product of a project, chemically controlled
The recognition of my assembly leaves me disturbed
Programmed instinctual emotions
I am nothing but a pulse

To hold and feel
Beyond what’s real
Reject the light, shield out the sun
And never let it….


Lights glow where you can’t see them
In deep water they allure me
Please guide me there
To the city beneath the lake

I will wait for you forever
I won’t let you go
Please don’t join me for solace
I will come to you

The rain will come and flood tomorrow
The rain will wash away the sorrow
It’s a feeling from you to me that brings me home again,
at peace again

Once again it comes
The goes then comes
The cycle enslaves me

My sun within the dark

Obsessed with all that never was
My deterioration grew endless
Lost, the aptitude to feel

Why can’t I feel a thing?


from Rain Gates, released March 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Dessiderium Tempe, Arizona

Solo project of Alexander Haddad.

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