Ada Incarnate

from by Dessiderium

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Her face, my eyes
and our reflection in the mirror
Dream space, warped time
I found you in a dead place
Hills burn, lights fade
Hope dims in the shadow world
Reach up, breathe in
Drowning in oxygen

And I’d hear, you ask
“Why are you not alive?”
I can’t explain the reason I’d like to die

Dream waits, dream’s late
I’m resting in your arms
awake, alone,
you’re nowhere to be found
Kill me now

There is a world where I can breathe, there is a world where I am awake
It’s never here and now, only in dead time from the past
and in your gaze I’d see, everything that I would become

Look up and solemn swear
I will find you in a crevice of space
How many sleepless nights,
I would try to inscribe you in ink
Ceaseless pages filled,
I wrote the words but they could not conceive
A goddess of melancholia is my hollowness

And if, once more I meet you in my sleep
Swallow the pill,
never to wake again

In a white room, there was no place that I’d rather be
Across from me, there was a face I saw in a dream
She looked up, ineffable eyes under frozen streams
I am not here, I am in limerence there with you
When I die, I will break through the gates of time
In search of the morning that killed the world
I woke up and would never sleep again
Forever this goes
On your headstone waits a million songs

You’re a vessel for all that I need to love
You’re timeless,
A portrait of you weeps up from above
the rainfall escapes heaven to kiss your skin,
you are boundless

A thousand words only paints your lips
A melody is all that you are
Into my arms, you fell and dropped dead
Now I burn
Burning pictures of you

Ashes, falling from above

And once inside
I woke up and was born
There you were
A vessel, a paragon
The personification of my hate
The embodiment of my love
A figment of imagination
Your existence led me to escape the world
Tomorrow never comes
And yesterday was the world
When our skin melts, we can finally meld
Forever one, forever at peace
In a world with no oxygen


from Rain Gates, released March 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Dessiderium Tempe, Arizona

Solo project of Alexander Haddad.

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